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Spenst-hopp i 2 minutter

For å utføre spenst hopp må man først stille seg med føttene litt fra hverandre og med hendene på hofta. Det viktig å ha helt rett rygg. Så bøyer du deg ned og eksploderer oppover i hoppet. Dette er en anaerob øvelse, og den trener knestrekkeren

Burpees i ett minutt, dette trener mange muskler, blandt annet knestrekkeren og litt biceps. Utgangsposisjonen er at man sitter på huk med hendene på gulvet spark bena bakut i armhevings stilling med strak rygg og spark deg til bake til utgangsposisjonen og eksploder oppover.

Til slutt har vi 2 minutt med tåhevinger, her trener vi ankelstrekkeren.


Etter en kort pause tar vi 2 minutter med wallsits. Da trener vi knestrekkeren og bøyeren

du sitter med knerne i 90 graders vinkel inntil en vegg bena skal være samlet


What is wrong with Lennie?

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in the story Lennie is described as a huge, dumb working machine. Lennie is in what my teacher calls lalaland  every body that has read the story knows that Lennie is a “vegetable” of some sort. every character in the story calls Lennie crazy or mad. people often miss judge Lennie but who are they to say that a person is mad he may be the only normal man in a bunch of mad men. i believe Lennie is just dreaming of a better world to live in(probably filled with freaking rabbits) other (George and all the others) dont`t see Lennie as he is, he is just like a little child in a big playground filled with fragile rabbits. Lennie is killed by George in the end of the story(sorry i probably ruined some readers reading experience now but the CIA is not going to hunt me down so mehehehe to bad losers watch the movie instead oooh it ends the same way….)

“Of mice and men” question

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I believe that George and Lennie has known each other for several years before this story takes place. To state this allegation i have found proof for example how did George know about Lennie’s aunt Clara this is information you only get after a long time of friendship. Another thing that shows that they have known each other for a longtime is that they have planed to build their own farm together, this not a idea you just share together with a complete stranger.

john steinbeck questions

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1) The novel John Steinbeck wrote that got a Pulitzer price was “the grapes of wrath”

2) He was born in Salinas, California in the year of 1902 the 27 February

3) “Of mice and men”, ” The grapes of wrath” and “East of Eden” was made into films

4) “Of mice and men” was written in 1937

5) John was a war correspondent for the new york herald tribune during ww2

6) It was Lyndon B, Johnson that awarded john the US medal of freedom

7) The museum that is dedicated to him is called the national steinbeck center

8) John was 65 when he died

9) The moon is down is much like the German ocupation of Norway during ww2

10) The main characters in “Of mice and men” is George, he is a clever, little man that cares about Lennie(the other main character) george wants to have his own farm and settle down, but Lennie always gets in the way of his plans. Lennie is the quite opposite of George, he is huge, strong and dumb. His strenght always gets him into trouble like once he killed a puppy just because he pet it to hard. he likes to stroke things with fur. the story ends dramatically when Lennie breaks a wommens neck when he wanted to stroke her hear.

Short answer questions

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1: The advetures of Huckleberry Finn was first published in 1884.

2: It`s a novel and a classic.

3: Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer each recived 6000 dollars when they found money that the robbers had hidden in the cave.

4: He came back because he wanted hucks money.

5: He thinks he is a white man that wants to take him back to miss watson.

6: Jim runs away because miss watson wants to sell him to a slave trader.

7: Huck discovers that jim had become a runaway to.

Huckleberry Finn caracter portrait (bad persons in the book)

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Hi, i just read “The adventures of Huckleberry Finn” It was a great book. My assignment was to write about five characters in the book that Mr Twain does not admire. I hope to learn a little more about each one of the five characters I’m going to write about.

The first person bad person im going to tell about is Mr Finn. He is Hucks(Huckleberry) father. He left Huck when he was a little kid. He drinks steals and lies. The only reason he came back to Huck was because he had heard about Hucks 6000 dollars. He kidnapped Huck and abused him. He dies in the big flood

The second bad person is the Duke. He travel with Huck, Jim and the King. He is a professional swindler and he claims to be the duke of Bridgewater. He claims to be an actor. he pretends to be William Wrights until Huck reveals him as the trickster he is.

The third bad person is the King. He claims to be the lost king of France. He travel with Huck, Jim and the Duke. He is the companion with the Duke and he sold Jim. he pretends to be Harwey Wilks

the fourth bad person in the story is Miss Watson. she owned Jim before he runawayd with Huck. She put a reward at Jims head so bounty hunters could capture him. she tried to change Huck by making him fear God`s punishment. She became good at her last days, she freed Jim for example.

I couldn`t find a fifth bad person in so maybe i should have read the book better but like some people say, shit happens.

What i learned is that Mark Twain is a great author.

Ten facts about Mark Twain

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1: his real name is Samuel Longhorn Clemens

2: what mark twain said about his own death “I came in with Halley’s comet in 1835. It’s coming again next year (1910), and I expect to go out with it. The Almighty has said no doubt, ‘Now here are these two unaccountable freaks; they came in together, they must go out together.”

3: he was a Freemason

4: he lived longer than both of his daughters

5: he died of a hearth attack

6: he did not like racism

7: One of his most famoues books are “the adventures of Huck Finn”

8: Mark Twain`s oppinion on revolutions “I am said to be a revolutionist in my sympathies, by birth, by breeding and by principle. I am always on the side of the revolutionists, because there never was a revolution unless there were some oppressive and intolerable conditions against which to revolt.”

9: One of his best friends was Henry H. Rogers

10: Mark Twain is one of the best writers ever